Analytics and reports


Stock&Buy offers a wide range of reports giving you deep insights into your inventory and orders data.
These reports are classified into three categories:

  • Product or Inventory reports
  • Sales reports
  • Contact reports

This article details each analytics report available in all pricing plans.

Common options

While the analytics reports tap into different areas of your data, they have a few common features as shown below.


Inventory History Report:

This report outlines details of all the transactions which have resulted in a change of the tracked product attributes including: retail and whole sale price, quantities in stock (all locations), allocations (all locations), moving average cost, SKU, purchase price.
Each report line includes a reason which describes the action that resulted in the change and the agent who performed the change.

This report also allows exporting the inventory state at any given date in the past.

:information_source: The export history feature of this report is still in Beta mode.


Stock Allocations

This reports shows all allocated product variants and the sale orders the items are allocated to.
This report gives a great overview of all items which are currently in open orders and is very useful for businesses operating based on back-ordering processes.

The report includes the following:

Field name Description
Product name The product variant name and option values
Allocated Total allocated stock for all open orders. This count does not include items allocated to bundles appearing in open sales.
Status A status showing whether the open orders can be fulfilled given the current available stock and the total allocated items count


Sales by variant

The sales by variant reports gives and overview of all items sold in a given time frame.

The report includes the following:

Field name Description
Title The product variant name and option values
Volume The total units count sold in the selected time frame
Orders count The total orders count placed in the selected time frame where the product variant appeared
Velocity The velocity (total items count sold per day) at which the product is sold in the given time frame
Stockout The predicted time (in days) where the inventory will be depleted
Value Total sale value for this item in the selected time range
Cost Total cost of goods sold value for this item in the selected time range
Profit Total profit for this item in the selected time range


Stock On Hand

The stock on hand report shows the current inventory quantities and related product attributes:

Field name Description
Product variant The full variant name including the product name and variant option values
SKU SKU of the product variant
Quantity Current variant quantity across all locations
Allocated Available (on hand) Total allocated inventory for the product variant across all locations
Cost Moving average cost of the product variant
Total cost The total cost of this product variant. The cost is calculated total cost = quantity * cost

This report includes a footer which shows the total inventory cost at the present time.