Barcode scanning


Im just looking at Stock and Buy for an inventory option as we are currently trying to streamline and simplify processes… but I’m looking to use barcode scanners, but I’m struggling to find info on using them with Stock & Buy…
I have a couple of scenarios;
we hold stock and sell to end user - this can be end user - invoiced on xero or a trade account - so invoiced on xero to their account by me
We have employed fitters who book stock out (e.g. fittings) manually writing them down and i would like for them to be able to barcode scan an item and then for it to update on the stock inventory or for me to be emailed a list and then i can generate a zero rated invoice (as any item taken has already been involved as a complete package for the customer in xero) - ideally barcode would automatically reduce the stock so i have one less things to do…
We order in items we dont stock. - these are invoiced on xero but customer is invoiced using our bathroom dedicated and supplier price linked software but it doesn’t sync to xero hence me raising invoices or allocating payment separately…

I’m finding it hard in our industry to find something simple to do what i need it to do and i think stock and buy offers me that, i just need to know if / how the barcode scanning works and if it can be used using an app on an iPhone or iPad so its wireless as practically a hardwired scanner won’t work…

can anyone advise?


Hi Annette,

We support Barcode scanning at the Purchase order and sale order.
If you create new a PO or SO you will see a “Scan items button” (see picture below)

That said, you need to track inventory inside Stock&Buy. We don’t send products to Xero, just invoices. Will automatically send purchase and sales to Xero. So you can continue sending invoices from Xero or send them from Stock&Buy.

Would that work for you?
Let me know if you need more details.