Branding and Customization


Stock&Buy offers a customization module which gives you the ability to include your identity and branding in all documents and printouts generated by the system. Such documents include quotes, invoices, packing slips and so on.

:information_source: Notes

  • Branding and customization settings are available under your Account page, on the Customization tab.
  • The customization features are available under the Enterprise plan only.


Upload a logo of your business into Stock&Buy and it will show up in all documents you send out to your customers and suppliers.

:book: We recommend a resolution of 300px in width and 100px in height for better rendering results.

Custom Order Numbering

Change the automatic numbering sequence Stock&Buy applies to your sale and purchase orders. The custom numbering includes a prefix, a counter and a suffix you can set to automatically assign order numbers which make most sense to your business.
For example, configuring sale orders to have a prefix #SO, a counter 2002 and a suffix -SNB will automatically generate a reference number #SO2002-SNB and assign it to the next sale order created. Note that the counter will automatically increment each time an order is created. Therefore, the next sale order will automatically get #SO2003-SNB as the order number.

:book: The numbering counter is automatically incremented each time an order is created. However, you can reset this counter and have it start from your preferred value.

:book: The custom formatting will work for newly created orders. Existing orders will be left untouched.

Custom email templates

This cutomization is great if you need to send similar emails out to a number of people. This feature allows you to create an email template which you can select from the Email dialog accessible for the sale and purchase order views. You can create a non limited number of email templates and use them over and over again without needing to copy and paste the email body back and forth.

Document Print out titles

Change the generated documents titles to suite your business branding. Use this feature if you want your documents such as quotes, invoices, packing slips and purchase orders to have a customized title different than what Stock&Buy generates by default.
For example:

The settings above will make Quote documents have “Proforma Invoice” in lieu of the default “Quote” title.