Does Stock&Buy handle Lead time?



I would like to know if you guys handle the lead time for suppliers and variants? I want to order ahead of time and not run into low inventory, thus the importance of Lead time.



Hi Patrick,

Yes we recently added support for Lead time :slight_smile:
Then once a purchase order is received, we calculate the difference between the time when the order was placed (Approved) and the time it was received.

:warning: The lead time counter starts ticking when a purchase order is Approved until it is received. Please make sure to mark the PO as approved only when you are ready to send it to your supplier.

Let’s take an example:

  • Approved PO (sent to supplier) 16.01.2017
  • Received PO: 12.02.2017
  • Lead time: 12.02.2017 - 16.01.2017 = 27 Days.

The lead time is saved within the purchase order. The lead time is also averaged out and assigned to the variations being received (if you partially received your order) so you can give you better measurements should you order your variations from different suppliers.

I hope this helps.