How do I delete the default product variant?


I am trying to delete the default variant of one of my product so I can replace it but this seems impossible. The system keeps telling me that the variant is used in an order.

How do I delete the default variant of a product?


Hey Pamela,
Deleting variations (including the default one) is only allowed when the variation is not in an open order (sales or purchase).
So you first need to close the orders where this variation appears.

Open sale orders

Open sale orders have the following states: Draft, Allocated, Invoiced.
You can close Allocated and Invoiced orders by either fullfilling them or voiding and deleting them.
Sale orders in the Draft mode should be deleted.

Open purchase orders

Open purchase orders have the following statuses: Quote, Approved, Partially received.
You can close Approved by either fully receiving them or voiding and deleting them.
You can close Partially received orders by fully receiving the remaining items.


Hi Tahar,
Thanks for the fast response, can you please let me know how to find which orders are referencing the variant I want to delete?


You can do that by searching for Allocated and Invoiced orders from the Advanced filters tab under the Sales page (under the main navigation menu bar)
Enter the product name you would like to filter by and hit Go (make sure the date range is large enough to include all possible open orders)

I hope this helps.