How long does it take for a received purchase order to update stock levels in Stock&Buy and Shopify?


Hey Guys,

How long normally from a purchase order and items received to get the inventory updated in stock and buy then into Shopify?


Hey Travis,
When you receive a purchase order, stock levels immediately get updated on Stock&Buy and on Shopify.
There might be a tiny delay for the updates to get to Shopify depending on the current load on Stock&Buy - usually all updates happen in less than a minute.


I received PO’s this morning and afternoon and the inventory levels have not changed in Shopify. It’s now 6pm. WAY more than minutes. Is there a force sync somewhere?


Hi Stacey,
We looked at the back end server logs and we can confirm a couple of things:

  • The POs have correctly been received. You can see that by going to each product variant history part of the received POs

  • The stock levels updates didn’t make it to Shopify. This is caused by a recent change we made to accommodate the new Shopify inventory APIs.

These issues have now been fixed. I suggest you publish the products received in the closed POs to your Shopify store.