How long does it take for a received purchase order to update stock levels in Stock&Buy and Shopify?


Hey Guys,

How long normally from a purchase order and items received to get the inventory updated in stock and buy then into Shopify?


Hey Travis,
When you receive a purchase order, stock levels immediately get updated on Stock&Buy and on Shopify.
There might be a tiny delay for the updates to get to Shopify depending on the current load on Stock&Buy - usually all updates happen in less than a minute.


I received PO’s this morning and afternoon and the inventory levels have not changed in Shopify. It’s now 6pm. WAY more than minutes. Is there a force sync somewhere?


Hi Stacey,
We looked at the back end server logs and we can confirm a couple of things:

  • The POs have correctly been received. You can see that by going to each product variant history part of the received POs

  • The stock levels updates didn’t make it to Shopify. This is caused by a recent change we made to accommodate the new Shopify inventory APIs.

These issues have now been fixed. I suggest you publish the products received in the closed POs to your Shopify store.


Hi Tahar,

Can you please take a look at my account as well, as I received a purchase order today and the stock still has not updated to Shopify? We really need this to show as we want to boost online sales for tonight.

Please advise as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Ruby Rouge