How to adjust your inventory


Stock adjustments are intended to correct and adjust inventory levels. Stock adjustments are very useful, for example, to correct the quantity of an item after a stock take or to write off damaged, promotional and returned units. It can also be used to handle user errors when entering new inventory. The Stock adjustment feature in Stock&Buy is designed to make adjustments to individual products, and provide more clarity on why changes were made.

To create a stock adjustment:

  • Go to Stock Control on the main menu tab.
  • Click on Adjust inventory, located towards the top right of the page. This should bring you to the Adjustment page.
  • Select the reason of the inventory adjustment
  • Enter the products and variants to be adjusted, their corresponding costs and quantities. Note that you can enter negative quantities if you would like to subtract stock from your inventory.
  • A comments field is available for your if you need more space to describe the change you are making.


  • Creating a stock adjustment will automatically update products and variants quantities in all connected sales channels.
  • Stock adjustments should never be used to add purchased inventory or remove shipped inventory which should be handled in the Purchase order or Sales orders views, respectively.
  • Inventory should always be received into stock against a purchase order and removed from stock for sales by shipping units out (completed sales orders).
  • When items are added or removed from inventory, an accounting journal is automatically posted in order to adjust the asset value of inventory.

Stock on hand value

What is the procedure i must follow if my stock arrives and the stock levels received do not correspond to what is ordered in the purchase order. If i enter the actual stock received - how is that discrepancy dealt with?


Hi Sarah,
In what state is your purchase order? Are you receiving more than what’s in your order or less?



My purchase order is approved. My stock arrives tomorrow. I count it and mark stock as received. If i ordered 2 of a piece of jewelry but there is only one packed, i only receive one on PO.
There is then a discrepancy.


As your purchase order is approved then I recommend you void it and change the line items to match the quantities you receive.
If some of quantities are damaged then I recommend you follow what’s described in this post.
I hope this helped.