How to stop selling a product?


Hi guys,
I have a couple of products which I am no longer selling.
What’s your recommendation as to discontinuing and stop selling these two products?
Thanks in advance,



Hi Pam,
If you plan to resume selling your products in the future then I suggest you just hide them from your stores. You can acheive that by selecting the products you no longer want to sell, the bulk actions button will appear. Select products then choose all online stores you would like to hide your products from.

If you do not plan to sell your products in the future then I suggest you just bulk delete them from Stock&Buy. This operation will also delete the products from your online stores.

I hope this helped.


Hi Moh,
Thank you for the detailed response.
How do I go about the following: I have a product with 3 variations, S, M and L. The L size is sold out and I would like to hide it from my 3 connected Shopify stores.
Is this doable with Stock&Buy?


Hi Pam,
Hiding variations is unfortunately not supported both in Stock&Buy and Shopify.
The only way I can think of hiding a variation is by deleting it.
I hope this helps.