Inventory Multi Location


By default, Stock&Buy manages stock from a single pool of inventory—one “location”. While single location based inventory management fits most inventory needs, it quickly becomes indispensable for a business when it scales out.
To track and allocate across multiple pools of stock, add inventory locations:

Add Inventory locations

Add inventory locations under your Organization settings under Account:

Location name Name of the new location to be added
Does this location hold inventory? Determines whether this location can hold inventory or not.
Location address Defines the address of the new location to be added.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: When you first join Stock&Buy, two default locations will automatically be created for you. The first one holds inventory and is your default warehouse, the second location does not hold inventory and is considered your business HQ. You can set both locations to have the same address if your HQ is the same as your default warehouse.

:warning: The “Does this location hold inventory” settings can not be changed after a location is created.

Assign a Warehouse to a sale order

Once you enable multi-location, each sales order will have a fulfillment warehouse:

The Ship from location in the sale order view defines which location the items will be fulfilled from. Stock&Buy will allocate and decrement stock against whichever warehouse you select.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Each sales order can have only one location.

##Assign a Warehouse to Purchase Orders##
Once you’ve enabled multi-location, you’ll be able to specify a receiving and a billing location for each new purchase order.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Each purchase order can have only one receiving and one billing location. The receiving and billing locations can set to be the same.

Update Channel Settings

Once you enabled multi-locations, you’ll see additional settings for each integrated sales channel (e.g Shopify) which allows you to assign a location to each sale channel. This gives you unlimited flexibility in managing multiple stores linked to different locations. All orders emanating from a sale channel will be fulfilled from the location set for the integration.

Transfer Stock Between locations

There are a couple of ways stock can be transferred from one location to another.

1. From the Product details view

The first method is to directly perform the stock transfer in the product view.

2. From the Stock control view

The second method of performing a stock transfer is by using the Stock transfer functionality under the Stock control category.

:information_source: It is highly recommended to perform stock transfers using the Stock transfer functionality (point 2 above). This functionality allows to keep a detailed trace of the performed change. Furthermore, this offers a better inventory management control as stock transfers can be created as draft transfers which can later be executed.

Stock take

The Stock take view has also been updated. Each stock take needs a location to be performed.

:warning: You must ensure the location you export your inventory from (the first panel of the image above) is the same as the one you upload your stock take into (the second panel of the image above).

Consignment Stock