Is it possible to integrate Stock&Buy with a Shopify store that is still in development mode?


The store I am building for a client is currently in my Shopify partners development system, but I would like to integrate it to Stock&Buy to get the products through, organized and looking tidy before transferring it over. If I enter the current domain name into the integration process will it work okay?

Question PT.2 - When we migrate the site to its new domain name, will it remain integrated or lose its connection?



Hi there,
The integration will work as long as there is a shopify store behind the domain name you enter into the integration setup in Stock&Buy.
As for the second question, will you change the store shopify domain (ex: after it goes into production? The connection will remain active as long as the store shopify domain name remains the same.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Thanks Tahar.

Re; Q2 - Yes the domain name will be changing.
Is it easy to reintegrate?


Hey Elle,
That is something we never tried before :slight_smile:
We can try changing the integration definition within Stock&Buy but I am not sure the autorization will remain valid after the domain name has changed.
The reintegration is quite simple actually. Once you are all good and happy, we can reset your Stock&Buy account and import all your products from your Shopify store again and you will be good to go.



Hey Tahar,

I went ahead and integrated it with my development store - seemed to work fine!
All the products came across smoothly, there’s just one manual factor that I have to go through and do - and this may be something you can add in to on the Stock & Buy side of things? (Or it may be there and I am blind!) Is there a way to sync the ‘Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock’ checkbox (which is in shopify, in the inventory admin for each product). My products are a mix of items that are held in stock and items that are made to order (which show as sold out when there is ‘0’ available).

I have some more queries, but I will start relevant discussion posts for them!


Hi Elle,
Sorry for the late reply, we upgraded our community site and lost a few notifications in the process.
We currently don’t sync the ‘Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock’ settings to Stock&Buy.
I will go ahead and add a task to our backlog for the engineering team to prioritize.