Managing Gift cards


Hi guys,
I hope you had a good Easter break.
I just faced a small issue with my business as I started selling gift cards on my online store :gift:
I wanted to get your opinion on the best way to manage such gift certificates.
If someone wants to buy a gift card then should I have the gift card as a stock item?
How would redeeming a gift card be processed? Would it transfer back to stock?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Pam,
Thanks for the message, we are all doing great, winter is over and spring just started :slight_smile:
Shopify gift cards are considered as products, just like any other tracked inventory item on your store.
However, gift cards must be created within the Shopify admin area first then imported into Stock&Buy via the import products feature.
Anytime you issue a gift card as part of an order, Stock&Buy will decrease the gift cardโ€™s available stock.

I hope this helps.