Order returns and exchanges


Sale returns

A sales return is merchandise sent back by a buyer to the seller. There are lots of reasons a sale return might occur. A customer might return an ordered item for the following, but not limited, reasons:

  • Excess quantity shipped
  • Excess quantity ordered
  • Defective goods
  • Goods shipped too late
  • Product specifications are incorrect
  • Wrong items shipped

Stock&Buy captures sale returns via the sale order refund functionality.
To record a refund or a return of an item:

  • Open the corresponding sale order
  • Click on the _Refund_ button visible on the top right hand side of the screen
  • The refund window will appear. It displays all items which be refunded
  • For each line item, enter the quantity to be refunded
  • Check the Restock check box if you would like the item be returned to your inventory
  • Click on Save Changes
  • Repeat this operation if you have multiple refunds on the same sale order

:information_source: Notes

  • The refund functionality is available for Shipped orders only. Non shipped orders will be covered below
  • The system does not allow you to refund more units than sold in the sale order
  • The refund window gives you the option to change the refunded item price (in case there is a discount)

Sale Exchange

A customer might want to exchange an item for various reasons. Stock&Buy allows you to change sale orders and exchange items on the fly. The exchange flow is different depending on the sale order status:

Open orders:

Open orders include orders which have the following order status: Quote, Allocated or Invoiced. You can edit such orders, add, remove or update the sale order items directly allowing you to perform an exchange without creating new sale orders.

:information_source: Allocated and Invoiced orders need to be voided to make them editable again.

Close orders:

Close orders are orders which have been shipped. To exchange an item which is part of a close order, you will need to:

  • Create a Refund to return the unwanted item
  • Create a new sale order to capture the exchanged item