Publish inventory to multiple Shopify stores


We are Shopify agency and have a few clients who have multiple Shopify stores linked to one single inventory. We installed Stock&Buy and imported all products from the main Shopify store. We have then installed the secondary stores (3 in total). How can we publish all products imported from the main store to all the secondary stores? Or will that automatically happen after sometime?


How long does it take for a received purchase order to update stock levels in Stock&Buy and Shopify?

Hi Jean,
Excellent progress on getting your stores all set, you are just a few clicks away from getting done :slight_smile:
Stock&Buy has a nice feature which allows you to publish your products to your connnected stores in bulk operations (50 products at a time)
From the inventory listing page, select all products, the bulk actions dropdown button will appear, click on publish products.

A dialog will pop up, select the stores you would like to send your products to and hit Publish
Depending on the number of products you have, the operation can take up to 30 minutes.
I hope this helps.