Quantity or price decimals


We buy and sell envelopes that have a unit price in some currencies that needs to be at 6 decimals points.
We use Xero which only allows 4 decimals.
So we then do Xero pricing per 1000.
However that means that we need to have fractions of quantities.
e.g. 500 envelopes = 0.5 units of 1000.
So far I can’t see the way to overcome this in StockandBuy.
Is there a way to do this please?


Hi there,
Thanks for the detailed description of your use case.
Stock&Buy uses integers for tracking quantities unfortunately. Furthermore, Stock&Buy does not sync inventory items to Xero. We only sync the inventory and sales value.
For example, sale orders are synced as invoices which look similar to sales from Shopify or Stock&Buy for example. The invoice will however not include item codes as we don’t sync with Xero’s inventory management functionality.

While this sound like a limitation, it gives us a lot of advantages as we are no longer restricted by what Xero supports and what it doesn’t. In your case for example, you would be free to choose whatever unit you want to track your inventory i.e: you can track your envelopes in units of 1. This gives you flexibility to create bundles of 100, 200, 500, 1000 should you want to sell these items in packs.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,