Sales discounts on manual order


How do you handle sales discounts from manually created orders (e.g. from POS or draft). I have test order that is showing an outstanding payment in Stock&Buy but Shopify shows the order complete. Also, in my accounting platform (Xero) I would like to map discount to the proper GL account to correctly show financials.


Hi there,
You can enter a discount into the orders manually created within Stock&Buy. If the order is created in Shopify then the discounts are automatically populated for you. Is this not the case?

As for Xero, we currently set the discount rates at the invoice line item. Discounts cannot be mapped to a separate ledger account.

I hope this helps.

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The order was initially created in Shopify and pulled through to Stock&Buy at the normal price (without discount).

On the Xero side, can we get the sales discount mapping added to the roadmap. I have seen this with other integrations from Shopify to Xero and Quickbooks and would really like this feature.


Hi Reacia,
Thank you for the details.

Would you mind creating a new idea (under Site feedback) to capture this idea? It would be nice if you could provide more details as to how you would like to see the discounts synced to Xero.