Shopify order not appearing on Stock&Buy


I’ve noticed one of our Shopify orders is not appearing on Stock&Buy. I’ve checked the order and everything seems normal as there’s nothing uncommon about how this order was placed.

Any ideas on what to check to fix this?


Hi Warrick,
Are there any errors on your activity feed?
Do you have the shopify order ID? We can take a closer look to see why the order is not pulled into Stock&Buy.

Kind regards,


Hi Tahar,

Yeah, now that I look at it, there is an error saying:

Cannot import order 1202 from your store.
Some products in the order could not be found: 28585288907. Did you forget to import all your products?

All these items are in the inventory listing but I’ve now seen that this sale includes a product added to the cart through a new app we’re using called “Free Gifts by Secomapp”. One of the functions of this app is to allow customers to buy upsell products in the shopping cart page. This customer did add one of these items so this must somehow be causing the order to not push through correctly.

FYI, there’s another error like this for order 1208 which also includes an item bought like this. This must be the cause of this error. Could you look into it?


Hi Warrick,
Thanks for the fast reply.
That is correct. Orders where Stock&Buy cannot recognize and item will be discarded as we can’t process their inventory.
This is being said, we recognize that this is a road blocker for many of our customers making use of such apps like yours where non-tracked items are added to the orders on the fly. We are therefore considering to introduce a new feature where unknown items will be treated as custom items (landed costs).
Would this help you out?


Thanks Tahar,

The products in question are tracked inventory items, they’re just added to the cart in an unusual way. If this could be resolved it would be super helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Warrick,
Any chance you can import those items into Stock&Buy as their stock is tracked?


Hi. These products did already exist on Stock&Buy before these orders were placed.


Hi Warrick,
I had a look at our back end servers and I can confirm that product ID 28585288907 does not exist. The product has definitely not been imported from your Shopify store to Stock&Buy.
Let’s continue this thread by email as we probably need some more private information from you to continue the investigation.