Shopify transactions not syncing to Xero


I have Shopify and Xero integrated for my inventory tracking. Sales created in Stock & Buy sync to Xero without issue, but sales created in Shopify fail to sync to Xero with a “Tax rate must be Active” failure. I’ve tried creating a new tax code and assigning this to my inventory items but Shopify orders seem to use the original (missing?) tax code causing the failure. Couple of questions:

  1. How does SnB match tax rates in Shopify to tax codes in SnB?
  2. How are SnB tax codes matched to Xero tax codes?
  3. How can I fix the issue of Shopify orders not syncing to Xero?



Hi Reacia,

I have reset your tax settings so Stock&Buy can sync them over to Xero.
I can see from our logs that S&B manages to push the tax definition to Xero without any issues. S&B does however fail to sync Shopify orders as invoices as the tax rate is somehow deleted on Xero’s end. Do you, by any chance, have another app in Xero which removes tax classes?

Please take a look at this article which covers sale and purchase tax handling when connected to Xero.