Tracking Backorders in Stock&Buy


Hello, I’ve just installed Stock&Buy and find it excellent! does exactly what I need it to in terms of inventory management.

In terms of Backorders - I have sync’d the stock in from Shopify, which I’m phasing out to manage inventory.

However Stock&Buy has zero’d all the backorder Skus in Shopify.

And as it didn’t port historical data, i have no way of seeing backorders prior to August 1st = Shopify isn’t showing backorders, neither is Stock&buy

luckily there isn’t that many insofar as i can manually go through all the zero stock items in Shopify’s inventory history,
But is there an easier way to do this? And in future, how does Stock&Buy manages back orders?

P.S. this problem hasn’t stopped me seeing the value and power of your app:) its solved many more problems than this small one I’m experiencing, so please do keep up the good work and don’t take it as a neg!


Hey there,
Thanks a million for the kind words, we really appreciate the time you took to give us details about your use case.
I am a bit surprised to hear that Stock&Buy has zeroed your stock levels though, could you please reach out to our support email and give us more details about the issues you are seeing (which product / SKU has its stock zeroed out) so we can take a closer look?

Thank you in advance and again, thanks a lot for the kind words :slight_smile: