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I am setting up a new Shopify site and connecting it to Xero using S&B. I currently have no products in Shopify and want to use S&B to import several thousand SKUs into S&B (and let S&B push them to Shopify). I downloaded and filled in the values from the S&B template file but there are many things that seem to be ‘missing’ (both fields shown in S&B as well as many fields available in Shopify). For examples, is there a way to upload via csv additional data fields such as (product url, total stock, allocated stock, available stock) etc?

Also, I was not able to alter the ‘Supplier’ field when uploading a csv. I first created the supplier manually in S&B and then uploaded a csv with that supplier name in the column but the field remained blank for some reason. Also, the weight field was not filled in as well. Not sure what I did wrong. I checked the csv file by opening it in note pad and the weight shows there.

Also, is there a way to ‘upload’ images via csv by pointing to a url in which they exist?

Lastly, when I was experimenting with all of this, I uploaded the csv times multiple times (making changes to things each time). I noticed that the products were duplicated in S&B every time I uploaded the file. While I could easily delete these test products now, I am concerned that this would be a huge problem down the track when there are thousands of live products in the system. Why is the system allowing the import of identical SKUs that are already in the database?

If these things are not possible to do via csv, is there a third party Shopify plug-in which you may recommend?

thank you and regards, Andrew


Hey Andy,
Welcome to Stock&Buy. Thank you for providing all the details of the issues your are facing.

On the products CSV, our importer does currently not support importing product images from URLs. As for the stock levels, this should be done viathe stock take feature.
We used to have support for setting the stock levels via the importer but we had to drop this when we introduced multi location inventory management.

As for the weight, this property can also be updated via the Stock take linked above. The supplier in the other hand is something which we have in the backlog for sometime now but did not make it to the top priority yet. This is being said, you can still set the product supplier in bulk via the Bulk action option on the inventory page.
You can achieve this by:

  1. Go to the Inventory page
  2. Select the products to assign the supplier to
  3. A button name Bulk Actions show up at the top of the inventory page
  4. Select a supplier and click Set supplier

You are correct, the CVS importer does not check for already existing SKUs. We did not implement this so far mainly because most of our Shopify customers import their products from Shopify.

Would it be possible to know why you would like to setup your products in Stock&Buy first (given that you have a Shopify store?)

Note: Please remember that this forum is public so you might want to reach out to support@stockandbuy.com should you communicate any sensitive information to us